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The Mission

"Healing Through Music"

Music is much more than my livelihood; it is my means of self-care, of healthy expression, of finding community.

Being able to express myself through music has been such a gift when words simply can't define what I feel. Playing an instrument itself is therapeutic, and I often sit down to work through uncomfortable feelings and to process my thoughts. This self-care is crucial to my work as a CMP.

When I play for a patient, I am not performing. This work requires me to be centered, calm, and consciously present. Though it is sometimes challenging, I remove my own worries from the equation, which allows the music to flow through me. This is when I feel most empowered!

Through music, opportunities arise to connect with others, to engage in conversation, to explore curiosity, and to share a common moment of being.

I am so blessed to have found this line of work where I can pursue my love of music while I offer others compassionate presence and healing!

The Musician

Lyndsey Blythe, Certified Music Practitioner

I began playing percussion as a youngster out of pure frustration. The flute meant I had to play rhythms and melodies - too hard!

As I gained in my musical education, I learned to play keyboard percussion, and I fell in love with the endless possibilities of creation. No longer was music frustrating - it was exhilarating! I have learned to appreciate the simple and the complex patterns, and relish the opportunity to be a perpetual student.

In my excitement, I have collected a fair number of world instruments that I don't necessarily know how to play, but that I find fascinating. It is with this childlike curiosity that I approach music. With so many instruments across the globe, so many voices to speak this universal language, there will always be a new discovery, a connection to the hearts of musicians and audiences.

One of the interesting instruments I acquired was the Iranian santur, which is tuned with microtones, a beautiful facet of Middle Eastern music. Playing santur along with traditional Turkish and Egyptian hand drums, I joined a unique troupe of dancers and musicians, and as Music Facilitator, I dedicated five years to sharing my passion for drumming and expanding beyond traditional Western boundaries in music. More, this group began my journey in the therapeutic aspects of music, as its sole mission was to bring about peace and healing through performances.

Following in this spirit, I trained through The Music for Healing and Transition Program to become certified as a Music Practitioner. I am the first Music Practitioner to be certified on handpan! Worldwide, I am the only CMP utilizing this beautiful instrument!

The Instrument

I play a melodic percussion instrument related to the steel drum. The general term for this instrument is "handpan" but this particular manufacturer calls this one Spacedrum.

It is tuned in a chromatic scale, from C-c, totaling 13 notes arranged in a very specific way, to harmoniously blend overtones and sympathetic vibrations.

The unique flying saucer shape of the handpan forms a Helmholtz Resonator, which negates dissonant frequencies, and naturally amplifies the vibrations of the steel. Further, this handpan is tuned to 432 hz, which has been shown to be more effective than its 440 hz counterparts! Choosing this instrument came naturally to me - I believe it is entirely quintessential in my personal expression of therapeutic music. Patients and colleagues have described the sound as “heavenly” “ethereal” and “magical” - as if they have been transported to a different realm! I invite you to schedule a virtual Therapeutic Music Session to experience it for yourself!

The Brand

Blythe Beats is more than my name brand - it is the very joy with which I play my music!

Though I began making music under this name, I have expanded to manufacturing my own line of handcrafted musical instruments.

I offer a variety of Services including Therapeutic Music Sessions, Educational Presentations, Drum Crafting Workshops, Drum Repair, and Rhythm Classes.

Thank you for allowing me to share the good vibrations that make up Blythe Beats!

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