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Effects of Therapeutic Music

According to the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians,

the benefits of therapeutic music can include,

but are not limited to:

“…man is a musical being. His origin is in the spoken Word. By sound was he sustained and by music he evolved. One day he will recognize music as a vital factor in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution of the whole human race.”

Corinne Heline (1882-1975)


  • Vital Sign Support
  • Increased Oxygen
  • Decreased Blood Pressure
  • Decreased/Stabilized Heart Rate
  • Decreased/Stabilized Respiration
  • Augmented Pain Management
  • Relief of Body Tension
  • Accelerated Physical Healing
  • Easing the Birth Delivery Process
  • Easing the Dying During Transition
  • Change in Brainwave Frequencies
  • Allowing the Body to Rest
  • Affecting Digestion Systems
  • Stimulating the Vagus Nerves

 “You can look at disease as a form of disharmony. And there's no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound and music and vibration.”

Mitchell Gaynor (1956-2015)


  • Reduced Stress
  • Refocused Attention
  • Altered Sense of Time
  • Aiding Mental Focus
  • Reduced Mental Tension
  • Encouraging Imagination
  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Altered Perceptions
  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Distraction and Disassociation

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)


  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Increased Morale
  • Stabilized Mood
  • Decreased Overwhelm
  • Allowing for Emotional Processing
  • Evoking Emotional Memories
  • Influencing Action

“Music is the mysterious key of memory, unlocking the hoarded treasures of the heart. Tones, at times, in music, will bring back forgotten things.”

Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton (1803-1873)


  • Inspires Connection
  • Encourages Feelings of Harmony
  • Creates Opportunity for Presence
  • Increased Sense of Worth
  • Increased Empathy
  • Increased Inner Peace
  • Bridges Communication Between Loved Ones
  • Allows for Transformational Experiences

 “The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment.”

Pythagoras (569- 475 BC)

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