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Drum Making

Enjoy a sample Therapeutic Music Session!

This track is intended to address pain and high anxiety, with beautiful visuals of springtime in Oregon.

Tualatin Valley Creates Leadership Cohort

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Inner Prisms, 2019

This limited release is a recording of six unique sonic creations performed on the Spacedrum, a chromatic handpan. Join me on a journey through the sacred self!

Featured in the 2021 Arts & Culture Leadership Digital Showcase!

Lull Of The Mystic, 2021

This is an original lullaby, perfect for children and adults alike. Soft and flowing melodies release tension and anxiety so that restful sleep can occur. It is designed to play on loop, truly lulling the listener to experience the mystic.


Eos, 2014

Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, invites you to lose yourself in the trance of

dance! This album, inspired by the instruments of the Middle East, will

make you want to move your body!


Time to Zill, 2010

Time to Zill is your resource for common Middle Eastern rhythms used in

bellydance. Zill along to the tracks, or practice your choreography!

Receive your personalized link to listen with any Big 6 Rhythm Workshop!


Soundscapes, 2021

Soundscapes is a sonic journey through a labyrinth of emotions. Using natural elements as an aural anchor, Soundscapes allows the listener to choose their own path by using the guides indicating lightest to darkest of the corresponding musical modes.

Click below to experience Soundscapes interactively!

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